• Realistic vision (Fairyland CG.Co. Ltd.) is based on technology, creativity is the core, and culture is the connotation. Integrating advanced talents and concepts in the industries of stage art, sound and light, and imaging, we can tailor three-dimensional, interactive, and experiential solutions for customers. Committed to becoming the industry's most close to customer needs, the most grounded vision engineering service experts.

    Lingjing Culture always adheres to the technological innovation and application extension in the field of digital creativity, and is committed to a cross-field integrated service provider of visual art, digital experience, theme creativity, and technological innovation. Its business covers "event conferences, new media cultural performances, digitalization The three core areas of "Exhibition Hall" are currently a professional digital creative integration service provider in China.

    In the future, Lingjing Culture will integrate industry resources with rich experience and forward-looking vision to provide more customers with professional services based on visual creativity.

  • Dreams, courage, vision, hope

    Our dream: use new media technology to create a completely different and immersive world

    Our courage: lead the team to advance hard and break the ice at dawn

    Our vision: based on the digital imaging profession, focus on the cultural and creative industries

    Our hope: use technology and creativity to promote the development of cultural and creative industries




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