Originally titled The Blooming of Gusu, it is a masterpiece depicting Suzhou during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It took the author, Xu Yang, 24 years to paint. It is another masterpiece that has been handed down to the world after Qingming Shanghe Tu. The centre of the painting is 39 centimetres high and 1255 centimetres long, which is more than twice the length of Qingming Shanghe Tu. According to Xu's rough calculations, there are more than 4,600 people of all kinds, more than 2,140 houses of all kinds, more than 40 bridges of all kinds, more than 300 passenger and cargo boats and bamboo rafts, and more than 300 signboards of all kinds of businesses in the painting.

  Fairyland CG took over from Crystal Jade and produced a dynamic version of "Gusu's prosperity", another masterpiece after the "Dynamic version of Qingming Shanghe Tu". The dynamic version of "Gusu in Bloom" is displayed in the centre of the last hall in the Sun Wu Cultural Park in the Forbidden City of Suzhou. The picture is 35 metres long and 3.5 metres high. Fairyland CG has recreated 10 scenes from the original painting that are most characteristic of Suzhou in the form of digital animation simulations.

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